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Profiles of the Early Beats: Ray Bremser

April 6, 2017


Here is another post I am publishing based on Seymour Krim’s 1960 anthology of the Beat Movement. Before each Beat writer Krim featured he wrote a short profile. What’s so fascinating about Krim and his little book is that it was written and published when the Beatnik culture was dominating America’s 1950s. So he writes from the perspective of the moment and with the crazy Beatnik vernacular that often was fodder for cartoons, satire, and ultimately Hollywood movies.

Here’s Krim’s profile of Ray Bremser, in prison when The Beats came out. In fact Bremser missed the excitement of the crazy Beatnik days courtesy a prison warden. But he got out and went on to marry the eventually more famous Bonnie whom he abused and sex trafficked in Mexico. She went on to write her memoirs.

“Gaunt, tall, unshaven, GI-jacketed, Ray Bremser twangs out rich imagistic poetry in the New York coffee shops and makes the college circuit as well. He can be hard and ironic; learned his wounds well, and some of the world’s dishonesty, while in New Jersey stir for 6 years on an armed robbery count. Is subtle as well as lavish. Shy as a shadow also, with fiendish jollity rising up within the prison walls of his hard-earned loneliness and individuality. You rarely see the cat’s gleaming eyes behind his mother-loving sunglasses. Spooky-real Ray Bremser! Bad news as this book goes to press: Bremser is back in jail for violating his parole—the poor sucker fell in love and got married, which is of course against Democracy’s penal laws.”

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Paul Varner