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Early Considerations for The Scene

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Why Do I Want to Blog About Radical Poetics?

            When I finished my book on the Historical Dictionary of the Beat Movement for Rowman & Littlefield there was, as expected, much that was left over from my notes and reading that I badly wanted to explore. Especially, I wanted to explore the actual poetics of Beat poetry. In particular, at that time, I wanted to explore, to examine closely, the poetics of the poets in the legendary anthology The New American Poetry, and other books of the New American franchise, such as The New American Poetics, all edited by Donald Allen.

And then, from the beginning of my life awareness I have been fascinated with the avant garde, experimental, radical postmodern poetics, its contexts and its aesthetic roots. For my part, The Scene is where I intend to find the mystery, the soul, the essence of radical poetics at the zig zag edges.

More early considerations to follow.

So follow The Scene and let’s get going.

Paul Varner