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Early Beat Hipster Jack Green

April 3, 2017


Seymour Krim’s 1960 anthology The Beats, with its cool cover of a very young and hip Allen Ginsberg is one of the great archeological relics of Beat history. Here is savvy Krim describing one of his favorites, Jack Green.

“Gentle, fidgety, huge-bearded, Jack Green puts out a wild sheet called ‘newspaper’ from his storefront at 225 E. 5th St. in lower Manhattan. Pressed for biographical data, he answered: ‘[“] Jack Green is a prof in beat’s clothing. His hobbies are, he has traveled to, and he has worked as a. He is years old[”]” (94).

The piece Krim publishes is Jack Green’s prose Beat ramble, “peyote”:


is one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to me     i had thought i couldnt get anything from drugs     seeing how happy 2 of my friends were, high on peyote, I decided to try it

And on we go for a peyote trip for the next several pages similar to the above.

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Paul Varner