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Profiles of the Early Beats: Hubert Selby, Jr.

April 11, 2017

Profiles of the Early Beats: Hubert Selby, Jr.


Here is Seymour Krim’s profile of Hubert Selby, Jr. in the anthology The Beats written long before Selby’s best works: The Room (1971), Last Exit to Brooklyn (1964), and Requiem for a Dream (1978).

“Hubert Selby is a natural, one of the most sheerest powerful of the new writers, a rammer whose stories build like a storm and whose richest work is just on its way to being written. A Brooklyn guy with a pair of eyes and a heart that won’t lie; some of his sex stories are as powerful as Henry Miller’s and will fight their way into print by sheer muscle. A little nasty beauty of his called ‘Another Day, Another Dollar,’ will be found in the 1960 New Directions annual. The one we’re printing here [“Double Feature”] swings too, with a mounting, barking rhythm. Go, Hubert, go baby!”


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